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Just curious, what is your child's bedtime and what time do you get them up for school?

My 8YO daughter goes to bed at nine and I get her up around 6:30.  This really works for her and I even occasionally let her stay up in 15 minute increments for privileges.  On the other hand, I also take away 15 minute increments for bad behavior and choices! 

I used to try to force her to go to bed at 8 and it was ALWAYS an awful struggle; crying, arguing, getting up, etc.  Then something just clicked and I started letting her staying up til 9 to prove to me she could be a big girl and the struggle was over!  Apparently that's just the time that worked for her and she wasn't tired at 8.


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  • My children are now going to bed at 9pm(ages 10 & 7).  They get up on school days at 7am.

  • My 5 y/o goes to bed by 8 if not earlier on weekdays and between 8-9 on weekends. He gets up on school days at 7:30 and around 8 on weekends. My 7 y/o goes to bed between 8-9 although the homework has started coming home so I see him staying up a little later to finish it. He gets up at 7:30 too but could easily sleep until 8:30-9 if we let him. They share a room so my younger one usually wakes my older one up. 
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  • DS is in bed at 8:30, asleep at 9:30, and wakes up at 6:40. (bus gets here at 7:09)

    I used to make him sleep earlier, but this schedule works perfect for him. No more fighting and fussing, and he usually puts himself to sleep. (and wakes himself up)

    On weekends, we are a lot more lenient about bedtime.

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  • My kids go to bed fairly early for their age. 

    We go upstairs around 7:30 to read.  I'm usually out of their room by 7:45. They are allowed to stay up reading or coloring if they want but they have to be in their room.  They generally go to sleep by 8/8:30.  Weekends they sometimes stay up until 9. They are 7 and 5.  

    They are up between 7 and 7:30 am.  They get up on their own.  We don't leave for the bus until 8:30 so they could sleep later if they wanted.  The 5 year old is a morning person and tends to wake the 7 year old up.   

  • SS is 9.  He goes to bed at 9pm to read for half an hour, then it's lights out at 9:30.  We get up for school at 8:30.


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  • My 6yr old goes to bed at 9:30 most nights, but 9:00 if she's really tired. I wake her up at 6:30. At first I thought this was a little late since I have to waker her up so early (her school is 30 minutes away w/o traffic) but she's never tired when she gets out of school at 3, so we stick with it.
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  • My daughter is 8, almost 9. Her bedtime was 9 last year. Over the summer, we let her stay up until 9:30-10 (in Seattle, it stays light that late in the summer). We tried to resume the schoolyear schedule of 9 bedtime and 7 wakeup. She is not tired that early. Right now, we have a 9:30 bedtime and a 7 alarm. She rarely falls asleep before 10. She gets up before her alarm. She's never slept very much (no naps when she was a tot... and, stayed up later than her peers).
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  • DS, age 6, is in bed between 8 and 8:30, and can read 1 story before turning out his lamp.

    DD, age 10, is in bed around 8:30, but can read for up to an hour. 

    My kids usually get up at 6, sometimes 7, depending on my schedule.

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  • DS goes to bed btwn 8 and 8:30 and is up btwn 7 and 7:30, he's 5. 
    DS1 age 7, DD age 5 and DS2 born 4/3/12
  • DD's go to bed during the weekdays about 9 and somtimes 9:30 or 10. Depending on what they are doing and how their behavior is. I wake DD#1 up at 7am for school (she starts at 8:30) but I am finding that she is still running behind and not doing what she is suppose to so I think I am going to have to wake her up 6:30am until she can manage her time better.
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  • DS #1 goes to bed at 9PM.... He reads for 30 mins his lights go out at 9:30PM. He gets up with an alarm at 6:30AM to shower, have breakfast, finish up any leftover homework, and spend sometime with his baby brother before we walk out the door at 7:25AM. DS #2 gets a bath at 6 or 6:30PM, lotion massage, jammies, we read a couple of books, and then we rock and nurse to sleep. Sometimes we rearrange his bedtime if he's super tired or took a late nap he ends up in bed no later than 7:30PM usually!
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