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Girl question

Does anyone have a daughter who shaves her legs yet or at what age do you think this should happen? I forget how old I was.

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  • My daughter is nine and she said some of the girls in her class are already starting to shave! I was blown away by this because I don't and won't let her start shaving at such an early age. I want her to enjoy being a kid and I think shaving your legs makes you seem older. I will discuss letting her next year and if I do let her it's only going to be below the knee for now.
  • My daughter started w/ Nair or Neet during the summer she was 11.  She's nearly 14 now and has moved on to razors.

    My daughter wasn't teased but her hair was noticeable what can I say we're Italian.  So while at first I thought it was too young, I realized  my daughter feeling confident was more important then the what her age is.

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  • I started letting her use Nair at 10 years old and by 12 she was shaving with a razor. 


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  • I think I was 11 when I started shaving.  I think a girl should be allowed to shave when she's uncomfortable about her hair.
  • imageali-1411:
    I think I was 11 when I started shaving.  I think a girl should be allowed to shave when she's uncomfortable about her hair.

    Ditto this!!!

  • I recently bought my 9 y/o a little electric shaver.  I completely understand why she wanted to shave -- she is quite pale and has dark hair and she's in swimming.   
  • imageMrsSR:

    I think I was 11 when I started shaving.  I think a girl should be allowed to shave when she's uncomfortable about her hair.

    Ditto this!!!

    Same here :)

  • My daughter is going to be 9 this month and has extremely hairy legs, I noticed them this summer. I think I will be letting her use Nair next summer, but won't let her use a razor until she matures a little more. I'd be too afraid she'd cut herself to death. I know I did and I was 11! haha
  • I think a good time for a girl to start shaving her legs is when the hair grows dark and thick enough to be noticeable when she wears shorts. 

    For me it was the summer between 5th and 6th grade, but I have dark hair.

    My DD is 10 and in 5th grade, but she's blond.  I have noticed that the hair on her legs is getting a bit longer and coarser, but it's still not noticeable enough to the general public for her to have to worry about shaving.  We'll re-assess next summer.

    If she asks to shave before then, because she's uncomfortable with the amount of hair, I won't stop her -- I want her to feel like she looks good!  But I won't encourage her to do it before there's a real need, either.

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  • Thanks everyone! One of my DD's friends shaves now and I hadn't even thought of it honestly. She's only a 3rd grader. LOL Thankfully, my DD has light hair and for now she isn't bothered by it. I think starting with Nair or something like that is great. I know I wasn't so great with a razor when I was younger. Big Smile
  • This is a great question!  Thanks for posting.  My daughter is only 8 and just this summer her hair got quite thick and noticeble.  She's asked to start shaving and I completely balked!  I felt like she was WAY too young and as far as I know, none of her friends have started yet either and many of them are older than her. 

    But, after reading some of these responses, I certainly don't want her feeling self-concious so I will re-think it next summer.  We have a pool and she's in her swimsuit ALL the time so I want her to feel comfortable.  She'll be 9 then so maybe she'll be ready!

  • That was my first instinct too, "she's not old enough" however, I think I just didn't want her using a razor so either electric or nair is a great alternative.
  • In 6th grade I was endlessly teased because I wasn't shaving yet and I have dark hair. I wore pants to school every day in the summer. My mom finally let me do it in 7th grade but I really wished she would have let me do it earlier.
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