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PBK - DVD player reviews?

It's new (I think) so there aren't any reviews on the site yet but was thinking of getting DS one for Christmas - my graduation is a long drive away (I'm getting my degree online) so I need stuff to entertain him and saw it in the recent catalog.  Any reviews?  Or have any recs for ones you liked more?
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Re: PBK - DVD player reviews?

  • As much as I love PBK, and trust me I love that place, I would not buy electronics like a DVD player from them.  They are known for their housewares, bedding, towels, decor, not electronics.  We have had a super cheapo portable DVD player for years and it still works.  I don't have a specific one to recommend, I just wanted to throw out there that I wouldn't waste my money on a PBK dvd player.
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