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I have a dumb question...regarding clomid

Okay please forgive me for this question. But yesterday, I was spotting a little bit, and then it would go away, then it seemed like my period started, just faint blood. Not sure though. Then this morning, of course started. Do I count yesterday as day one or today. I am suppose to start clomid on day 3



Re: I have a dumb question...regarding clomid

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    Sometimes it's tough to determine which day is cycle day 1! But my nurse said it doesn't count until you have full red flow.
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    I would count today - spotting doesn't count, CD1 should be a full flow day.
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    My RE told me that if you don't have full flow until after 5:00 p.m. then count the next day as day 1.  Hope this helps.
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