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Surprise shower at work!

I knew my coworker was planning a shower for me, but I had no idea she was going to surprise me with it. I was talked into going outside with a friend and then while we were out my other friend called me (we have hands free communicators). She tells me one of the bosses wants to see me in the board room for evaluations. I was totally confused since I had already had my evaluation with my office manager almost a month ago. So into the board room I go only to see a bunch of friends and coworkers who all yell "Surpirise!" I really had no clue that they were going to do that! It was really fun and we got some great gifts. The best part was that I was told we were going to have a party for my friend who's bday is Monday but she won't be there, so I was asked to make something. I cooked for my own shower! lol
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