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Any moms-to-be OVER 35 in Phoenix??

Are there ANY other moms-to-be who are OVER 35 in Phoenix?? Holy cow... I feel like the only one who isn't in her 20s! Help! Am I really this alone out here???? :-(

Re: Any moms-to-be OVER 35 in Phoenix??

  • I am 38yrs expecting my first baby Dec 18th. ( I still feel like I'm in my 20's though)
  • Are you in the Phoenix area? I've only found "20 somethings" in Phoenix, which makes me feel really old! I'm 37 and expecting my first in January after have trouble conceiving for a long time.
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  • I'm 39, expecting my first baby as well...I live in Chandler.

    baby will be born in april next year 

  • Hi - I am 37 and am expecting my first (boy) in November.  I am in the North Phoenix.
  • Hotelwen... I'm in the Desert Ridge area and expecting in Jan (2011) but we don't know gender. I tried to message you personally, but either it is locked down or I just can't figure out how to do it.
  • There are lots of us over 35 with little ones.  Not sure if you are looking for a mom's group but I belong to a great one with many of the moms are over the age of 35.  There is an infant playgroup as well as activities for all ages. Once a month we do Mom's Nights Out.  It is a fun group of mama's going through the same thing as the next.  :)

    MOMS Club Northeast Phoenix





  • I just turned 39, am due on New Year's Eve and I'm in Tempe.  In our birthing classes at Scottsdale Osborn, 6 out of the 7 couples are well over 30 (some over 40).  You are not alone!  
  • Hi PensFan68 - I just got this - I don't come on this site very often!!  I wonder how I can email you. My little guy arrived early on Nov 8!  We are really close to Desert Ridge.. 
  • I am in Mesa, 38, and expecting my first (and last) baby girl in early March.  Send me a message of you want to chat!! Smile
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