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Annoying parking lot vent.

Why is it, that I go out of my way to park somewhere that isn't crowded - like away from the other cars - and someone has to park right next to me?  So that I can barely get in my car?

There have been multiple times that I have not been able to squeeze the infant seat into my car because I can't get the door open enough.  Seriously!!  (And I'm talking about me being parked centered in my parking spot, and someone comes along, there are a million other spots, and the other person is smushed right next to me).

People have no consideration!  Thanks.. vent over :)

Re: Annoying parking lot vent.

  • I totally agree- I just had this happen to me last weekend and I was SO mad.   I hate SUV's now because they never fit in spots and always come into my parking spot. 

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  • OMG!  You are SO not alone in this vent.  My DH and I have a running joke about this.  We call his car "the magnet" because people always seem to want to park next to him, even if he parks in a totally remote area! 

    So aggravating!

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  • GRRR!!  That's so annoying and rude!

    When my aunt was 9 months pregnant, someone parked within inches of her drivers' side door.  She had to get in on the passenger side and crawl over to her seat...while 9 months pregnant! 

    She got in her seat, then opened her car door repeatedly and banged the @#*! out of that other car, all without saying a word.  Then she put it in reverse and pulled away. 

    My sis, cousin, and I were in the backseat (we were kids at the time) and we didn't say a WORD after that!  It was a quiet ride home. 

    I learned a valuable lesson that day, though.  Don't mess with a pregnant woman!!

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