Getting frustrated...thoughts??

After DH and I decided to get into contact with the agency who licensed us as foster parents so that we can be reopened as an adoptive home, I had emailed the woman who licensed us to find out who I needed to speak with.  It took her a day or so to get back to us, and she gave us the name of the person we needed to speak to.  I emailed her immediately (this was on Wed), to inquire about what needed to be done in order to reopen.  I never heard back, and I left my contact info so she could either email us or call. I emailed her again on Friday.  She wrote back that she would call me that day and asked what time would work best for her to call me.  I told her, and never heard back.  So, yesterday I left her a voicemail at about 11 am.  No reponse.  UGHHHHHHHHHHH!  Obviously, she has never been in our position, and If I were her I would want to get a home reopened if it meant a new adoptive parent!!  I know it hasnt been that long, but is starting to get irritating.

Re: Getting frustrated...thoughts??

  • I hear ya!    Yes, you only called yesterday BUT you emailed almost a week ago.  Irritation is appropriate :)

    It sounds like bad business.  Even if she is swamped, a courtesy note back stating that she'll be back in touch in a week would be helpful.  No communication leaves you antsy and wondering why she hasn't called back.
    Hang in there!

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