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Evaluation for counseling

I have been trying since last school year to get DS1 into this free counseling program for children with alcohol or drug abuse in their families.  His bio father has both.  We are doing the free counseling because our copay for a counselor is $50.  We did that all last year and his school counselor told us about this program.  Well I finally got in touch with the lady today, we have been playing phone tag. 

Anyways she said that they want him there from 8:30-4:30 for the evaluation!  Why would it take all day?!?  And I have to stay there the whole time.  She did say that they give us a lunch break.  But wow that is going to be one long day!   Oh and the soonest they could get us in is October 13th. 

 ETA: I also got a call from his school today and they want to do an IEP on him as well. 

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Re: Evaluation for counseling

  • Wow that is a long time! I hope your day goes ok.

    An IEP is a good thing to have. My nephews have them and they are great.



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