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My parents are coming to visit next weekend and we thought it would be a good time to take DS to the zoo. We haven't been there before. Any tips for what to see, or things to bring when we're bringing a toddler? We'll bring his stroller, water, snacks; anything else?
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Re: KC Zoo

  • If you do the Africa trip be aware that it is a LONG trek around it. We didn't really do that portion last time we went but I think when we go in October we are going to attempt it.

  • I think it sounds like you'll be well-prepared.  Don't forget to check out the Discovery Barn.  My nephew loves the smaller monkeys (lemurs?) there and the macaws are pretty.    The updated tropics building is nice too if it gets warm enough that you need a break from the outdoors. 
  • We have a zoo membership so we have gone a few times this summer, we actually just went on Thursday. When we went earlier in the summer we did Asia, Australia, and the Discovery Barn area. That took a few hours to walk and see everything. On Thursday we did the Africa loop (it is a full mile so once you are in there you are stuck) and the girls loved it. The polar bear is awesome. Oh and I just posted about it on my blog so check it out, I think you have the link.

    As far as things to bring it really all depends on how much time you want to spend there, it can be an all day adventure if you want. We usually get there shortly after they are open and leave around 1pm so we can be home for naps. We bring their snack cups full on whatever, water in sippy cups and a small cooler with a picnic lunch. You can bring in food and drinks so take advantage so you don't have to spend $3 on a bottle of water. If the sun is out lather on the sunscreen, maybe bring a hat if he will keep it on (my girls wont), if the weather is ify, maybe grab a light jacket.

    In the barn area you can feed some of the animals, so if you want bring quarters for the machines and hand sanitizer.

    Have fun! My girls love the zoo.

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