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Any Bitty Baby knockoffs?

My daughters got hold of the American Girl catalog, and now NEED the Bitty Baby with the backpack for their birthdays.  My older daughter is sleeping with the catalog right now.

Guess who is NOT spending $230 on yet another doll amongst hundreds? So, any good knockoffs out there? Thanks!

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Re: Any Bitty Baby knockoffs?

  • wish I knew, girl! 
    Sisterly love--Sophia (1/14/07) and Baby Margaux (7/13/10) image Doctor in training! :) image
  • wish I knew, girl! xo
    Sisterly love--Sophia (1/14/07) and Baby Margaux (7/13/10) image Doctor in training! :) image
  • Grandma?:)  My girls have the bitty baby thanks to SMIL, it is her "thing" Each holiday/birthday they get something to go along with it. 
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  • I assume you said $230 b/c they are $115 each?  If you buy only the doll it is "only" $45 but you will not get the backpack.  I am not sure if anyone else makes a knockoff but if they do not have the backpack you will still be stuck. 
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  • AG is one reason I'm so excited for a girl.  LOL. 

    You could just get them a backpack carrier for the dolls they already have.  Like this one:

    (which, IMO, is cuter than the AG ones anyway).

    Or you could just do the doll for each girl as their "big gift" and then do the more affordable backpack? 

  • I feel your pain.  Both of my girls were fighting over the AG magazine at dance tonight.  UGH.  They are very cute/pretty dolls but no way am I spending that kind of money on a doll for a 4yr old.  Not even the bitty baby ones for $45 for just the doll.  I like the $15 target doll much better for now.  :)  

    We will probably get them when they turn 5 in may or for Christmas next year.  

    I would just buy them a doll and a back pack like one posted above.   

  • Maybe the "My Twinn" baby? (their atrocious spelling, not mine) My daughter has received both the Bitty Baby and the My Twinn baby as gifts. They have similar accessories for it as well.


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