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  1. anyone have input on dr. daniel levine/Hudson Valley Fertility in Fishkill?

Re: local infertility dr's

  • never heard of him.  I used RMA of CT, they also have offices in Fishkill and they are FANTASTIC!!  Good luck!!
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  • I was a patient at HV Fertility from late 2008 through pretty much all of 2009 -  I was 37 and diagnosed with unexplained infertility.  I went through 4 failed IUIs and 1 failed IVF and then got pregnant on my own the month after the failed IVF.  When I first started going there they were pretty small and did not perform IVF in their offices, we had to travel to Westchester for that, so I don't have any first-hand knowledge of their set up now, but Dr. Levine and the staff were friendly and made me feel comfortable.  They were the closest infertility treatment center to me and, due to work, it was difficult for me to travel to Albany, CT or NJ.  The only bad thing I have to say about Dr. Levine himself was that when I was in his office going over the results of the failed IVF, he actually told me he had a 90% success rate for that go-around and I was the only one that did not get a positive result.  I don't think he realized what he said, but to tell that to a woman who is possibly facing a life without children wasn't the most sensitive thing to say.  Overall, I would recommend them.  Hope this helps - GL!

  • Thanks for your input Sue, we are getting ready for IUI sometime within the beginning of next week.  Insurance will not cover IVF.  So far drugs are doing everything they are supposed to and hopefully this will work.  Happy to hear that you finally were able to conceive.   

  • Im going there today for the first time. IM nervous becouase Ive heard good and bad about this place.  fingers crossed.
  • My appointment was great. I did not see dr.levine I met with the nurse practioner Courtney and she was awsome. She does everything except surgery. So hopefully I can just deal with her. So far I am happy she was very open to what I wanted and didn't make me feel bad about all the research I had done :)
  • I had a wonderful experience with all of the staff there. My husband and I did two rounds of IVF and are awaiting our first child next month. Good luck with this office. They are all very lovely people and quite down to earth. Be open and honest about your fears and expectations, and that should help to develop a great rapport with them. Best wishes...
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