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implantation cramps and the two-week wait

Hi all,

I'm so nervous, even to post for fear that I will get my hopes up!  I am having sharp pains in my lower abdomin and then cramping, but mainly on the right side.  I am 5 days post ovulation.  No spotting though....

My question is how you coped with the two week wait before testing, but also, if it is negative, how to cope with the disappointment. I'm new to even the idea of wanting a child and the call is so strong.  Something I feared would happen before its time now seems to take forever!  I could use some advice as I don't want my family and friends to have to "ride the roller coaster" and I want to enjoy this time with my husband!



Re: implantation cramps and the two-week wait

  • Have you tried Fertility Friend yet, I didn't see your chart? 

    During the two week wait I really try to keep myself busy for the most part. I post a lot on the bump to keep myself busy. 

     Coping with a negative is hard. The only way I get through it is by looking forward to trying the next month... it's never easy to get a negative but its a part of trying.

    To not have to ride the roller coaster with friends and family, i didn't tell anyone for fear of being asked questions all the time.

    GL, baby dust to you, and I hope your stay is short and sweet...

  • Until you get a BFP or AF, you don't know that those are implantation cramps, or the regular kind. 

     Try to relax. Get a new hobby, get out of the house.  This process could take some time, and it sounds like you need to chillax just a little. 

    Good luck.


    ETA: I always forget.  I would read Taking Charge of your Fertility and looking into charting (you can sign up through any of the tickers you see in our siggys).  I dont know how you know you're 5DPO, or if you're charting already.

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  • How do you know you've O'd already?  The pains you are describing sound like ovulation pain.  Sign up for Fertility Friend as PPs mentioned and read their tutorials.
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