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shortest AF ever!

I began spotting lightly saturday. Sunday was a heavy bleeding kind of day. Then yesterday barely had anything and today I had one tiny spot on a tampon! such a short AF!

could that indicate anything?

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Re: shortest AF ever!

  • That is really short!

    I just had the longest one I've had in a long while.

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  • Jealous! AF likes to visit me 8 - 10 day on average. :(
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  • My last 3 periods have been similar to that, except for maybe two days with medium flow and 2 days on either side of those with light.
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  • I am used to 5-7 day AF visits, but my last 2 cycles have only been 2-3 days of AF. Not sure if this indicated anything, but I'll take it!

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  • I'm not really sure, that has happened to me a few times though.
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  • That's pretty much how mine have been since about 6 months off BC. Can't say I mind it. I don't think it means anything--at least I hope it doesn't mean anything bad!
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  • Hi!!

     I had the same thing happen to me this month.   I usually have a day or two of light, and then at least 1 heavy, this past cycle I had probably a total of 2 light days and that's it!

    I'm actually seeing my doctor tomorrow morning and am planning to talk to her about it, along with another million things!  I can post tomorrow what she says if that will help you feel better until you go next week.

    TC  :)

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