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Final update to the situation

The parents couldn't agree together on adoption in the end, so the mom had no choice but to parent the baby.  It doesn't sound like a great situation on their marriage, and we are praying they can stay together through such a tough road.


Thanks for your well wishes and prayers everyone.  But he wasn't meant to be our baby.

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Re: Final update to the situation

  • hugs
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  • Sorry.  I hope that they are able to provide a happy stable home for this child.
  • I'm so sorry!!!! :( I was really hoping for good news from you this time! :(
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  • I wish them, and your family, the best.  Warm thoughts to you as you regroup, refresh, and look forward.

  • I'm so sorry!  I really hope this is in the best interest of the child, and if it is, I wish them luck.  If not, I hope they realize, and make the right choice for the child.
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  • So sorry....

    Your kindness and love inspire me.  

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  • Sending additional prayers your way too for this kiddo.  Sorry this didn't work out.  Wishing you well as you regroup to move forward. :)
  • Sorry it didn't work out, best of luck getting the right match soon.
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  • I'm sorry, R.  Hope you're doing okay.
  • so very sorry, rachel  (((HUGS))) 
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  • I am so sorry. You have such a wonderful attitude R. Keep your chin up and stay strong!
  • I'm sorry to hear that!  I know you are so ready to have a second child.  God must have an extra special baby waiting to find it's way to you!! 
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