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ok, help me out re: uniforms

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Re: ok, help me out re: uniforms

  • imageStarAnnice:

    My initial thought is to let her wear the informal one.  She'll HAVE to wear the formal one after Oct. 15th, so might as well enjoy informal while she can. 

    On the other hand, if this is her first year wearing the uniform, might as well start with the formal one from the beginning, then she'll be less likely to fight you on it later.


    Good points, Star. Depending on age, I'd let my kids pick. Constantly reminding, "In just a few weeks, we'll be wearing this one, k?" 

  • I would let her wear her regular clothes until Oct 15th.  

    What grade? 

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  • I let my kids wear the more informal uniform up until the cutoff date.  Plus the informal one is a lot lighter and less layers than their formal one and their school does not have air conditioning only fans and open windows.
  • I'd let her choose probably.  My DD is in optional uniforms all this year.  I bought her one & i'm making her wear it on Wednesdays (church days) but otherwise I'm leaving it up to her.  Hope she has a great first day!
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