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Could not having morning sickness be hereditary?

I'm a little over 6 weeks now and even though I felt nauseous the week before I took the test (that was the main reason that made me take it. :) ), I've had nothing now for weeks. My mother had 3 children and she never once has morning sickness, which made me wonder if that can be hereditary?

Re: Could not having morning sickness be hereditary?

  • That's a good question! Not sure. Mine didn't start until mid-6th week though.
  • I don't know, but my mom told me she never had MS and I've been feeling crappy since week 6 started. I haven't actually thrown up yet (knock on wood) but I would definitely classify my constant queasy feeling as morning sickness. 

    I'm hoping for both of our sakes that it is and mine goes away soon! 

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  • Oh great.. Maybe I am cheering too soon then! lol. Stick out tongue Thanks for the reply!
  • I have not had morning sickness yet and didn not get it at all with my first pregnancy, and my and grandma both never had it.  So, I'm assuming it could very well be hereditary.
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  • I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world - until this week. My mom said she didn't really get sick, but I'm starting to think she might not really remember - although it is possible. Anyhoo, nothing's come up, but it feels like it could. Woo weee. This is FUN.
  • I'm not sure, I suppose it could be hereditary.  I'm over 11 weeks pregnant and haven't felt even queasy (except when I ate too much greasy food during a weekend out of town).  Neither my mom nor my grandma (maternal) had morning sickness with any of their pregnancies.  The only time my mom threw up while pregnant was when she had food poisoning.  At this point, I just count myself lucky Smile

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  • Lerking because I'm bored and most other boards are dead right now, but I had ms really really bad with my DS and this pregnancy I've felt awesome. I'm not sure if it's hereditary, but every pregnancy is different.
  • My mom never had any morning sickness in her three pregnancies, but I did.  I attributed it to the fact that she had girls and I had a boy.  But, my sister had no MS, and also had a boy, so my un-scientific theory didn't hold.  This time my MS hit earlier...and was much more intense.
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  • Very interesting replies!! :) So far so good, guess we'll wait and see! :) Thanks!!
  • My mom never had morning sickness with either of her children, so my fingers are crossed that it is hereditary!
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  • My mom never had m/s but I had a lot with my first pg.
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  • No morning sickness for my mom (4 pregnancies), sister (2 pregnancies), or me (2 pregnancies)

  • I wish :) My mom didn't have any morning sickness with her 4 pregnancies (all girls), and I have been horribly sick with my first (a boy) and this time (don't know the gender yet). My two sisters that have been pregnant (a mix of boys and girls), have had barely any morning sickness.

    My mom said she read somewhere that morning sickness has to do with how your body reacts to DNA from the father.  I'm not sure if that is total bs, though, my mom tends to make things up sometimes, lol.

  • I hope so for your case, but for me, not at all. My mom didn't have m/s at all, neither did my sis, but me, well with DS1 I couldn't keep anything down until 13 wks, and I'm heading that way with this one as well.
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  • My mom and my paternal grandmother were both sick for MONTHS when they were pregnant.  My mom was hospitalized because of it.  My grandmother was sick during the first pregnancy but never got sick during her second.  I am already 9 weeks and haven't had much more than a nauseous feeling, so I don't think it's hereditary.  I thought it was related to motion sickness, but I get pretty motion sick so I don't think that's it.  I also read that some doctors believe it is related to low blood sugar.  That seems to make sense because after I eat something, the nausea goes away.  Who knows... 


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  • My ob told me that family history has nothing to do with it. I was sick with dd and even sicker with this one.

    My mom never even had food aversions with me or my sister. My Grandma also was never sick. 

  • My mom never had m/s, but I did for both pregnancies. My first pregnancy, though, my m/s was from 12 to 20 weeks. This time it started at 7 weeks.

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  • My mom never had it with any of us three kids, I never had it with DS and so far not with this pregnancy, my sister never had it with her two kids either.

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  • Definitely not hereditary. Sorry! Just wait and count your lucky stars if you don't have to deal with it.
  • My mom didn't have any with any of her 3 pregnancies and i haven't had it so far so i'm hoping so!
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