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Trey's hollywood doctor

So Trey did have a famous doctor after all!  Dr. Arnold was fantastic.  I asked how Rocky was doing (her dog if you aren't a fan of the show).  DH thought I was insane.  I told her best of luck on her IVF journey.  She was just really super sweet and took great care of our baby.


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Re: Trey's hollywood doctor

  • Awesome!!  BTW, you look great, and Trey is SO adorable! What a peanut & I love his bit of blonde hair!
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  • E&R- that is soo cool that you met Jen!!!  I actually had a dream last night that I met her in an airport and told her about my twins. 

    Trey is adorable by the way!!!

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  • How funny!  I agree with look great and I love the pic of you. LO's and your DH.  I didn't get any good pics in the hospital with the babes since they were both in the NICU.

    I'm glad you have them both home and are doing well!


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  • Oh that's funny.  Cute pic of your new little family!
  • That is too cool. I love that show, it's a regular on our PVR Embarrassed You and Trey look great! Glad everyone's home where they should be.
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  • Is she from The Little Couple or whatever that show is on TLC?
  • You look wonderful and happy!!  I am glad both of your little ones are home.  How fun you got to meet Jen and get a picture.  Trey even looks a little excited to have a picture with Jen.  I also love your siggy pic, what a beautiful moment for your new family. 
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  • How fun! And ditto pp, you look great and little trey is so cute! congrats again! 
  • Aww!  So cool that you have a famous dr.  And I love your pics!  You look great.
  • So great!  I'm glad she was also a good doctor-- I have seen the show a few times and she seems sweet and genuine.  Your guy is so cute, such a peanut!
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  • That's so cool.  I totally agree with PP - you look great, Trey is adorable, and I love your siggy pic.  What an great moment to have captured!

    Congrats again!!

  • That is so cool. I love that show, her and her husband seem like such a cute couple! 

    And you look great! 

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  • Great picture! :) You and Trey both look great. But I have to admit, I don't know; what show is she on?
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  • How cool!  I saw her and her DH at White Linen Nights in the Heights this weekend, actually.
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