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Lonestar Midwives?

Hi ladies!  I know I don't post here much but I lurk and we just found out we're expecting #2!  I called today and found out my doctor at NE-OBGYN is no longer delivering babies.  I remembered all the great things the ladies at my Bradley class had to say about Lonestar, so I've set up an appt with them at 8 weeks.

I'm excited about using a midwife this time around, but I'm nervous as well.  I have no doubts about their capability or experience, I just don't like change.  Anyone have any encouragement?  Thanks.

(Dawnzer, it looks like you used them, congrats by the way, Jake is a cutie!)

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Re: Lonestar Midwives?

  • Thanks!  I had a great experience with them, Jan especially (so glad she got to deliver Jake).  I liked Methodist better than St Luke's, but I can't say it was bad (I upgraded to the VIP suite at both hospitals).  The midwife was definitely more engaged during the delivery than an OB and very reassuring.  

    I also think it is pretty cool that they do your first postpartum appointment 2 weeks after giving birth instead of the standard 6.  It always seemed weird to me to wait that long - you would think that if there were any issues or questions you would want it taken care of within the first month!

    Be prepared though - you do have to pay for parking for all the appointments.  It is only a buck or two, but they only take cash or checks and can be a pain if you forget.

    Also, they share labs and such with Lonestar OB/GYN and I was impressed at the quality of staff and equipment.  They have everything onsite to include ultrasounds, blood draws, NST's, etc. 

    GL and Congrats!  H&H 9 months! 

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  • Thanks for the info.  I had to pay for parking at NE too, but had totally forgotten about that and I never carry cash!

    I guess I'll do some prelim research on St. Luke's - I delivered at NE Baptist last time and they had just redone their L&D suites, but they were all the same. 

    After the nervousness subsides, I'm really excited about the midwife experience.  We tried to go naturally last time, but a good amount of that went out the window when I was induced and then he ended up being over 9 lbs!  I don't have any regrets about the decisions we made then but I would like to do it differently this time.

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  • Hi there


    I also used Lonestar Midwives and had a great experience.  I was hesitant at first but am so glad we made the decision to go with them.  I loved all the midwives...but echo what Dawn said...Jan is fabulous.  I adore her, even though she was the more strict midwife!


    Good luck!

  •  All my 3 babies were delivered by Lois Stauffer..I simply loved her. Unfortunately shes gone to start a new life in California and wont be there to deliver our 4th (and last) baby. I don't know what to do, I actually cried when I found out shes gone. Its not the same if I decide to go back. I know it may seem small but it actually meant something to me to have her there. I think I'll start looking for a new OB/GYN.

    Oh gosh (BEWARE HORMONES) I trailed off and dugg it up all over again.

    To answer your post, The ladies are GREAT, very caring and sensitive to your needs. I have to say I loved the 24 hour on call service.

    Good Luck!

  • I am excited to hear some good things about Lone Star Nurse Midwives. I am about 4 1/2 weeks along. I made my intial visit with my regular OBGYN for 7 wks, but now I am really considering switching to Lone Star. Decisions, decisions! I am worried about having to switch to another provider if for any reason I am not low risk.
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