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Aww...makes me smile

I work at a hospital and the baby song just played over the loud speaker, which means a new baby was just born. How cute! It makes me think back on the day when LO was born. That seams soooo long ago!

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    Ah, what is the baby song?  that sounds cute.
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    Aww that makes me smile too!  At my hospital they did an allcall every time a baby way born....and I almost cried, when I heard "congratulations little boy Cole" 
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    Ah, what is the baby song?  that sounds cute.


    They just play a baby lullaby.

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    My grandpa was in the cardiac ICU a few years ago and it is on the same floor as L&D.  We would here Brahms Lullaby all day, it always made me smile.
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