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I exclusively pump twice a day and usually get 5-6 oz per session. I pumped later than I usually do last night and when I pumped this morning I only got 3 oz. I'm pumping now (really engorged and full) and practically nothing is coming out!!

I've drank all my water today, haven't missed a meal and took my Motherlove More Milk Plus dosages....any advice to get the rest out?! 

Re: Pumping moms

  • Try massaging them?

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  • I would try a hot shower and massage. 
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  • Try hopping in a hot shower... just when you feel let down get out so you dont watch it go down the drain.

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  • I would say you need to do compressions and try a heating pad.  You could also do some extra pumping sessions.
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  • like pp, massage. Sometimes I get nothing even when engorged and massaging really helps.
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  • try massaging them, putting warm cloths on them while pumping and pump wait about 30 minutes and pump again (power pumping) in between these 30 minutes also drink fluids
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    I would try a hot shower and massage. 



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    I would try a hot shower and massage. 


    This. I just went 8 hours between pumping, and I had the same problem.

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