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Does anyone else still track...(vent)

I go to this website almost everyday that tracks how many days along I would have been and tell me how big the baby would be and all that goodness.... Today I would be 32 weeks and 1 day! My heart hurts every time I see how many days I would of had left! Thinking about how much I wish I could still be PG and only have 55 left before I could hold my baby! But I cant cause Aeron is gone! Aeron wanted to be in heaven instead of being here! Aeron is gone and all I have is a empty tummy and broken heart! I know Aeron is watching over me and my FI! Aeron gave me 3 of the greatest weeks of my life! Being a mother has changed my life made me a better person made me want to do more with my life to make Aeron happy! Sitting here crying for Aeron hurts but Aeron brought my FI and I so much closer then we have ever been and for that I am so greatful! I have been trying to see the silver linning in the clouds but somedays it wont stop raining long enough to see it!

Re: Does anyone else still track...(vent)

  • I have been more lately since my EDD is soon. I would be 35 weeks. I think until me EDD I will do it and I think it is a normal thing to do.
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  • I can't.  I know how many weeks I'd be but that's it.
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  • I know exactly how you feel. It's been over 2 months since we lost Jasmine and every day is horrible. I just want to stay in bed. Tomorrow, I would've been 30 weeks. I was due on 10-10-10. I just don't get life and I'll never understand why she was taken from me.
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  • I have a friend who is due one day after I would have been due, so I am constantly reminded of how far along I should have been.
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  • I do, I would be full term with only 3 weeks till my EDD 8/17/2010, kills me because she most likely would have come early and I would have her already. And I think if all the little trips we are taking and all the hoildays. Crappy, just crappy! The count down begins to my EDD. :) Hugs to everyone!!
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  • I know exactly how many weeks I should be. I understand.
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  • I understand, I would be almost done. I was due at the end of August. But Ryan isn't coming and it breaks my heart. 
  • I just unsubscribed from the emails I was getting about each week :(
  • We had a loss in Feb.I have a friends daughter who is expecting on my due date...I know exactly how far she is,it stings a bit.

      A few months later we found out we were pregnant again(was on the pill,so it was a huge suprize) with twins.We were scared and thrilled at the idea of two little ones.We would talk about would they be boy,girls,or on of both.It was a happy time.At 9weeks or so we found out twin b had passed.I'm stil pregnant with baby a. It is sureal going to those appts and seeing how well our A baby is doing knowing B is in heaven. Tomorow is our "big ultrasound" and I'm sure finding out what the baby is will be a happy moment with a touch of sadness. The moment that will be hardest is when this one is born and I'm holding her/him and know that there should be two.

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