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N2IFR: Potty training

We are making steady progress on this, we have even gotten 3 BMs in the toilet. Hooray!  But most of the time we are at home and he is bottomless.  We have had a few successful trips out with underwear on, including bus rides downtown. 

But today I am driving down to the beach with my mom.  It is about 1hr 15min drive. He usually warns me with plenty of time when he has to pee so it would be easy for me to pull over to the side of the road.  (TMI: he had a BM last night before bed so I don't anticipate one until later in the day after we are home)

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Re: N2IFR: Potty training

  • Do you have Pull-ups? I wouldn't put him in a diaper, thats confusing.  And maybe don't give him anything to drink during the ride?  And of course, make him go before you leave the house.  That's great though, your farther ahead that we are with potty training!
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  • I would put him in a diaper or pull ups just incase he does have an accident. I would hate from him to ride in a wet carseat.


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  • I don't have pull ups.  I cloth diaper so I only have those or cotton training pants. 

    An accident in the car seat is what worries me.  I'll pack extra diaps to clean up any mess that may happen in the car seat.  Hmmm... potty training isn't easy

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  • Well since you CD, maybe you could do a CD and just remind him frequently and I recommend you stop more often than you need to to offer potty time.  Oh and put something in the seat under him just in case. Maybe a piddle pad if you have one or a flat fold?

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  • CHI-06CHI-06 member

    I think it is so confusing to put a diaper back on when you are trying to teach them not to pee in their pants... I would get those really thin absorbing pads like they use at the hospital and put that on his carseat.  Put him in underwear and make him go before you leave the house...remind him to let you know if he needs to go.  Remind him during the drive to let you know... constant reminders.

    Good luck!

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  • Do u know about the three day potty manual. Thats what i used and it worked very well. Took a week to have no accidents but the methods make sense. I would not use diapers or pull up that is confusing to them. That is one of the main points of the method. Just bring extra clothes in case he has an accident. And just keep reminding him to tell u if he has to go potty. Check out the manual i swear by the thing gl!
  • When Lanna first potty trained I used to keep a small Carters waterproof pad under her in the car seat (we have Britax and I was not risking it getting ruined)! We also still keep a really small Bjorn potty in the trunk for emergencies.
  • We are in the same boat with potty training and made a 2.5 hour drive last week. We kept him in underwear because we didn't want him to revert back to diapers or get too comfy in one. I just kept asking him every now and then if he needed to go and if he did, we'd stop. I did keep a plastic back under him though just in case he had an accident because i didn't want to ruin the car seat. He did great!
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