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Hernia surgery

I never thought I would be grateful that my DS had surgery before he was even 7 weeks old!

He is pooping without needing Milk of Magnesia and he broke 24 oz of formula in the past 22 hours! 

Before this we were struggling to get past 15oz of formula and he needed at least 1tsp if not 1.5 tsp of milk of magnesia a day to poop.

I guess his hernia was bugging his digestive tract that much.


Re: Hernia surgery

  • That is awesome! Isn't it great when a surgery actually does something noticeably good? 

    My son had a HUGE hernia that was fixed during his g-tube placement, along with some other things. I am so glad it was fixed at that time so that we didn't have to deal with complications from the hernia at home and have to put him under again.

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