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Developmental ped at CHOP?

Has anyone been to one? I'm tired of getting no answers from my local one. I was thinking of trying to get an appointment at CHOP. I'm sure it'll be a 5 year wait. Has anyone seen a dr there? Thanks

Re: Developmental ped at CHOP?

  • We saw dr.adekelan at chop. she was awesome. best bed side manner of a dr...
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    Oops...guess I should have said Philly!
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  • We haven't been there for the dev ped, but our cardiologist, neurologist and opthamologist are from CHOP and I love them all.  My daughter's MRI and EEG were there and it's really an amazing hospital.  Can't hurt to get yourself on the waiting list.  One thing I like about CHOP is for a lot of doctors, they let you call two weeks before at a specific time to get an appt (that's how we got in to see the neurologist). 
  • Agree that CHOP is good-  but we have not been happy there. We have seen their developmental several times and they seem to just be wasting our time. We've chosen to move the majority of his care to DuPont.
  • CHOP has been amazing for us. We see Dr. Hilary Kruger there. She's wonderful and very skilled. I'd say we only had a two month wait, but I called. A lot.

    Good luck!

    Auntie- what do you mean that your DS has "moved on" like the best folks- did he get to a point where he was no longer needing help there? Where did he move to?

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