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So DH and I have begin the fun search for daycare for when I go back to work. I figured LO will be around 3 months old, so I need a daycare that takes them that young. I have already been in touch with Kindercare and they are $205/week!

Any help will be greatly appreciated! 

Re: Tulsa daycare rec's

  • The cheapest care you will find for an infant will be around $125 a week and that will probably be at a home center.  Go to www.okdhs.org and do a search for all centers, then start calling, visiting, and interviewing.   All licensed centers, home or facilities will take babies 3 months old.  You will also have to pay a deposit now to hold your spot.

     If you don't know what questions to ask that are things you feel strongly about, you can usually find some starter questions online.  Also, ask your friends and family.


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  • What part of town are you looking in? I have lots of info for daycares in downtown and midtown that I could share. 
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  • My first thought is Early Head Start.  I think in Tulsa it is through the CAP (Community Action Project).  In Broken Arrow it is through CARD (Community Action Resource and Development.)  It is the most amazing care in town.  And it's free!  Free diapers, free food, free everything.  The staff has so much training in so many areas- they do home visits 4 times a year to go over your child's development, screenings, etc.  They also help if your child needs some kind of extra help, like speech, physical therapy, etc.  They provide a safe place for kids to learn through play.  They are on a sliding scale, but I think they take 10% of their clients over income.

    ****You honestly can't pay for the kind of care they provide.

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    What part of town are you looking in? I have lots of info for daycares in downtown and midtown that I could share. 

    Sorry it took so long for me to write back. I'm looking in midtown or south tulsa area close to where we work and live.

  • Trinity Day Schools is a good one downtown. There are many in South Tulsa and Midtown. I would encourage you to go to the DHS website or the child care resource and referall website.




  • Thanks ladies! Got a lot of research to do these next few weekends.
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