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Has anyone delivered at Palos?

If so, would you mind telling me your experience with the visiting hours? I am (already) having IL issues. We said we would love to have visitors the day after the baby is born and they have issues with it, reciting the visiting hours listed on the website to me and telling me they are "entitled." Just wondering how you handled visitors and how strict Palos was about enforcing the hours. Thanks so much in advance!
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Re: Has anyone delivered at Palos?

  • Palos is very strict about their visiting hours and how many people are in the room.  You are NOT allowed in there at all without a pass and the nurses are on you about it.

    Grandparents, however, can be there at any time (although my parents and IL's left when visiting hours were over).  My mom got to the hospital about the same time we did (5 am) and she had no issues since she was a grandparent.

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  • My SIL just delivered there a few weeks ago and the Grandparents were allowed at all times but other visitors were limited to 2 people at a time.  They did change it from the baby being in the nursery while people are there to it being in the room.
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