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AW: Second Trimester

I'm honestly shocked that I made it! I still have trouble believing that I'm pregnant and am surprised when I see the babies on the ultrasound. Yay for milestones!
DX: Him: Super sperm Me: Diminished pituitary function due to tumor removed April 2008, MTHFR Hetero C677T & A1298C
IVF #1-4=BFN IVF #5=BFP! U/S on 5/3 revealed TWINS!

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Re: AW: Second Trimester

  • What a great milestone :)  Congrats!!
    TTC with unexplained IF since 8/2007 6 losses, one beautiful perfect boy in our arms Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
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  • Congratulations!! 
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  • wow.  time is zipping by!!  welcome to the second tri!!
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  • Congratulations!!!
    Unexplained Infertility

    After two Clomid cycles, three injectable IUI cycles, two IVFs, two miscarriages, and one lap surgery, IVF #2 has brought us our little boy!

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    TTC #2
    After months of being postponed or cancelled, FET #1.3 (Natural FET) brought us twin girls!

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    Surprise! Baby #4 is due in March!
  • Yay for a wonderful milestone!!
    TTC with severe MFI since 9/08 IVF w/ ICSI #1 May/June 2010= BFP twins
    Callan George and Bennett Charles born and died 11/7/10
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    FET #1 April 2011= BFN
    FET #2 July 2011= no transfer because my lining sucked
    FET #3 February 2012= BFP! 1st beta 9dp5dt=314 2nd beta 11dp5dt=977 1st U/S 3/20 Twins- Heart rates of 111 and 138 Pregnancy Ticker
    Living After Losing
  • Congrats!   Enjoy the "best trimester"!!!
    Me: PCOs DH: Perfect!
    4 Fresh IVF cycles + 1 FET where embies didn't survive the thaw = 2 perfect little men!
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    sFET 11/9/11 - Beta 11/18 BFP!
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  • Woo hoo!! ?Yay for Tri 2!
  • smileesmilee member

    Yay, sweetie!!!!!!!

    So happy for you! 

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  • That's great!!! Congrats!!
    DS (7 years old) from FET in 2010
    DD (5 years old) from IUI in 2012
    TTC 3rd and final!: IUI #1 in progress!
  • Yay for milestones!! 
    It's a GIRL! Born 12/16/10 Baby 2.0 is on the way! Due in June.
  • Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you. We sure do have a lot in common...
    TTC since 8/07 DX - Severe MFI/azoospermia & MTHFR/ TESEs found sperm - 7/08 & 6/09/ 12/08 - IVF#1 - BFN/ 6/09 - IVF #2 - cancelled due to OHSS risk (had retrieval)/ 7/09 - FET #1 - BFN/ 9/09 - FET #2 - BFN/ 11/09 - IVF #3 with new RE cancelled twice - 10/09 & 11/09/ 1/10 - IVF #3 take 3 - BFN/ 4/10 - IVF #4 - first ever BFP on 5/13/10!!! 108 @ 10dp3dt/ 2nd beta 311!/ sono on 5/28/10 said TWINS!!!! Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
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