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When could you tell the difference?

When could you tell the difference between which twin was moving or kicking?  I know the positions of each, but the kicks are still in the middle and I have no idea which I am feeling.
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Re: When could you tell the difference?

  • About 24 weeks.

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  • I keep thinking I know which baby is which.  However, every time we go in for an ultrasound (every 2 weeks) they have changed position and I was totally wrong.  So as long as I feel movements in the 4 different quadrants of my belly I feel somewhat reassured.  Kick counts for twins is almost pointless.
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  • I could start telling when I knew how they were positioned - baby a was low and left, baby b was high and right, so when I felt kicks on the outer sides of my belly, I knew who it was... but in the middle, I was clueless.

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  • I could never tell when I got kicks in the middle. It wasn't until DS was breech on the right and DD was head down on the left that I could tell who was who. But even then I had a several times that I thought I was feeling DS on middle/right side and went to L&D because I hadn't felt DD. Come to find out, she had pushed him further over to the right and back and I was actually feeling her since she was in the middle.
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  • I could never tell if they were right in the middle. Baby A was always on the right and B on the left so if movement was more on the side I could tell.
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  • Honestly, I still can't tell. When it is on the sides I am pretty sure who it is, but I feel most of the movement in the middle and I have no idea who it is. 
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  • ougrad1ougrad1
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    Both of mine are transverse.  Hudson is on top under my ribs and Landry is on bottom so, I'm assuming that when I feel the kicks up high it's my little boy and the really low ones are my little girl.

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  • It's hard to know who is who and it does get more separated towards the end.  There are still kicks in the middle and I don't know which one it is... but it seems that baby A is a lot more active than his brother.  Of course, baby B could just be kicking A and not me.  :)
  • I couldn't ever really tell the difference.


  • I don't know if I ever really could tell.  I'd think I could and then at the next u/s I would ask where each baby was and I would be surprised.  Also, when I started getting my NST's done I would think A was kicking but realize it was B etc. so I honestly had a hard time telling. 
  • Around 23 weeks, my last u/s baby B was breach, I know he still is cause his kicks are down low, and on the other side, baby A is head down with kicks at the top of my belly, close to the middle.
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