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AW: Just finished my first 5k!!

Woooohoooo! It was harder than I anticipated cause I mostly trained on the treadmill and a little outside in my friend's neighborhood, and this race path was hilly! Hills are HARD!! Anyway, I pushed through it and finished in 31:18 which was better than my goal of 33 minutes!!  I'm very proud of myself, i thought i was going to die after the first mile ;-)

Re: AW: Just finished my first 5k!!

  • Congrats! You should be very proud, especially since it was just your first race! 5k's are alot of fun. Hills are hard, they will make any run much harder.I ran competively for my university and we used to enjoy local road races quite a bit. :-)

  • awesome mel! did you push zoey too??? or was that buy yourself? did you do the run for the pineapple that is a hard race! it is hot and hilly!!! i did it a few years back pre baby and a bit younger (LOL not 30!) and did 30:02 so yours is  a great time!!! and it is hard if you train on treadmill the road slows you down a bit!! - there is a great summer series but on by MC parks they are evening races - the beach to beach was the first 5k i ever ran - they also have one called the downtown dash - if you want to keep running! super proud of you!
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  • Wow, that's amazing!! 31 minutes is an accomplishment! Congrats Melanie!!
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  • Fel~ Yeah it was the Pineapple race! HOLY crap those hills were tough! I was not prepared for that at all!! I didn't bring Zoe, i don't think I could run with a jogging stroller for a race.  I did see those summer races, but damn, it's gonna be hot!! I might wait til the fall to try another one!
  • That's so awesome Mel, congrats!
    -- Jackie
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  • congrats!!! As Aaron would say "I so proud of you!" lol


  • That's Awesome! Congrats; )
  • i have been running with abby and i figured that she is 22 lbs and that jeep jogger is not light so that is probably another 20 lbs - so i could shave minutes off my pace if i didnt have to run with a stroller - but good training- having the extra weight. yeah the heat will slow ya down. the fall there are a lot of good races - or you could even train for a half marathon!!! the palm beach one is usually the first weekend in december!!!


  • I don't see any half marathons in my future!!! My body feels like it was hit by a truck today!! It's so weird, I trained for this since January, but for some reason just increasing my pace and running those hills, my body took a huge beating! My knee is really sore and my back aches!
  • You are awesome.!!! congrats!!!
  • YAY! Congratulations! That is such an amazing accomplishment :-)
  • Congratulations!  What a great accomplishment.
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  • That's awesome!!:)
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