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Asheville pediatrician?

Anyone have any recommendations for a good pediatrician in the Asheville area?  My OB gave me a list, but I'd like to narrow it down before setting up a couple interviews.


Re: Asheville pediatrician?

  • We are in Asheville and are 20 weeks pregnant. I work at Mission in the NICU and pretty much everyone uses ABC Peds. Either Errico or Paschall. That is who we are trying to narrow it down between. FYI they do have a strict vaccination policy, which to me is a plus. Good luck!
  • awesome recommendation, thanks so much!
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  • I have heard good things about Asheville Pediatrics, but I haven't interviewed with any of them yet.  I'm hoping to find one that isn't so quick to medicate.  I'd be interested to hear if anyone uses a Dr. from Asheville Peds. and what they think.
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