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Cloth Diapers for an older baby?


We are getting ready to move from our apartment (with one washer and dryer for the whole building) to a new house.  So, I am excited to be able to start using cloth diapers for DS.  I had a huge issue with CDing in a communal washer that may really upset some of our neighbors-not to mention it is ALWAYS being used and so hard to get a load of laundry in when needed.  Anyway, I have been researching CDs from the beginning...but wanted to see if anyone had some recommendations to share for CDing with an older baby.  We are moving right around DS's first birthday.  TIA!!

Re: Cloth Diapers for an older baby?

  • I started CDing DS a few months before his 2nd birthday.  The only thing I remember having an issue with was finding a good nighttime diaper.  We had quite a few leaks until we found the right combo.  We use BG 3.0's and love them.  For overnight I would stuff them with a MF insert and then a large hemp insert.  Don't get discouraged though, once you figure it out its super easy! 



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    I am a huge fan of prefolds, they are so cheap and also so easy to get clean.  But I am finding that they are tougher to use on a wriggly, uncooperative toddler.  So I am a fan of the AIOs and of the Aplix (velcro) closures for ease of use.  But if your LO is really good about diaper change, I think prefolds with Thirsties or Bummis covers are great.  

    Also, buy a diaper sprayer.  I have the bumgenius one and I love it.  For an older baby I really find it useful.  

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  • Thanks for posting this. I'm curious what people have to say. I've been thinking about CDing lately, but wasn't sure if it was worth it at this point...
  • Ditto prefolds not being a good choice for a toddler. We used to just use them trifolded in a cover, but they would slip around once he got mobile & snappi-ing them on is just not going to happen.

    We use a lot of fitteds but have been reaching for our side snap GAD pockets more. I can pull them on & off like a pull up, so Ari can stand up & play with whatever. Diaper changes are quite a challenge with him right now - major tantrums - so this has been a lifesaver. I use a Babykicks Hemp Prefold (smallest size) for an insert. They make regular pocket inserts to but the prefolds are really absorbant. This gives us a trim fit. 

    We use BSRB or B4 fitteds with a stay dry liner at night, Wooly Bottoms or Sbish wool covers. No leaks ever, & even when Ari is in all night nursing mode. The dipe itself will be soaked in the a.m. if he's nursed a lot, but fitteds aren't meant to be waterproof. Even then I've never had a leak. Wool is very breathable too. A lot of ppl use pockets at night but we couldn't find a leak proof option that worked. 

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