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Teething and diarrhea

Ok, this might be a bit TMI.  But I know these things kinda go together, right?  But HOW much diarrhea is normal?  

I've changed 7-8 poopy diapers today alone and he just blew another load.  Not a lot of actual poop in them, but really watery.  Normally, he's a once-a-day-pooper and it's been like peanut butter consistency.   I did start him out on bananas this morning and he loved them.  But those usually have, well, the opposite effect. 

He is definitely cutting a top tooth.. it's nearly here.  And he's his usual happy self, so I don't think he's actually sick.

Thoughts?  Of course this hits on the Friday night of a holiday weekend.

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Re: Teething and diarrhea

  • i'd give him a lot of rice cereal - try to bind it up... that's what works best on my boys. 

    and lots of butt paste :)

    the only time Griffin ever had diaper rash was when he was teething or on antibiotics and got diarrhea - it sucks.  The twins have done OK but Gibby has been having some blowouts this week that I think are teething related, too.

  • Eww!  

    I'd guess keep him hydrated, in case it's a stomach thing... it sounds like teeth, though.  Eww! 

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  • Oh.. can I just add this!  BRIGHT red skin on the diaper area tonight.  He's coated in Butt Paste.  But it looks so sore... I left him without a diaper for about an hour tonight while getting him ready for bed. Cool compress seemed to help take away some of the redness.
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  • Ouch! Poor kid. If he looks happy and is acting normal, it's probably just something minor (like teething). Have you tried blow-drying the red area on cool before applying the butt paste? it sometimes helps to get the area completely dry before covering it with cream.

    I hope he feels better today!

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  • Butt looks somewhat better today, but still very red and he's still pooping up a storm.  He's an unhappy camper, too, so I know it's teething.  EVERYTHING is going into his mouth, so I know it hurts.  Baby Tylenol and naps are a good thing.
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  • DD is going through the EXACT same thing! She used to poop every other day but has had diarreah the past day and a half as well as today. Up to 8 diapers or so. And major rawness on her diaper area. :( Agreed - tylenol, butt paste, naps & love are good things! GL!
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  • Well at least I know Charles ain't alone in his misery.
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  • M gets some diarrhea - but nothing aweful when she teeths. It really just seems to be a matter of more acidic poo, so she burns easier. I hope it isn't a stomach bug. What works for Maddie, besides Weleda diaper cream, is an oatmeal bath. If you have a coffee grinder/food processor, just grind the oatmeal until it is a fine powder.

    To a warm bath add: about 1/4 cup of oatmeal, bath toys and baby. the baby does the rest :o) ..... I let her stay in there as long as she tolerated and wasn't cold. Then I drained the water and rinsed her in warm running water.

    Nekked time is also very helpful, but a little dangerous.Maybe you can let him be "au naturale" outside now that it's warm and to spare your floors and couch. 

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