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Another follie update...

Things went a bit better today.  All of the follicles were a little bit bigger, although the biggest was still 17.  My Estrogen level was back up to 77 (as a reminder, it was 72 on Monday and dropped to 35 on Wednesday).

They want me to trigger tomorrow given the size of my follicles and the fact that my DH is leaving on another trip on Monday.  She said that given the lower Estrogen level, they would be pretty sure that only one of the follicles actually contains an egg so not to worry too much about twins :-).

Wish me luck, I'm still feeling like things are probably not happening for me this cycle, but I'll move forward and try anyway.

I've never triggered and I guess they are overnighting me the shot....this is all new to me but it should arrive here tomorrow and then I am supposed to trigger when I get it.  I am so tempted to call my friend who is a nurse (and used fertility treatments for her kids) to do it for me.  Is it hard to do???


Re: Another follie update...

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    Yay for bigger follies, good luck!

    Trigger shots are easy peasy. Did he show you where you need to do it? If not you do it in the upper outer part of your hip/bum. I ice the area before the shot. I also find that i need a mirror to be able to see it best since it is kinda on my behind. You could have DH do it instead (i'm a control freak and have to do it myself)

    The shot will come in a powder and liquid most likely. After you pop the lid off, clean the rubber stopper with alcohol. Draw up the liquid, inject into the powder then swirl it.

    When all dissolved re-draw the liquid/powder mix and clean the hip with alcohol. Then, stick it straight in your (iced) hip and inject slowly. I find too fast hurts. Once injected quickly pull the needle out and apply a bit of pressure with a cotton swab (you can dip it in alcohol but I find it stings)

    I find that I get a bit sore in the area for about a day or so after. To me it feels like a bruise or someone lightly punched me there. I have not found away around this yet. I also get O pains about 36 hours after. 

    Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions! 

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    the shot is easy. If you need it, there's a tutorial on the village fertility pharmacy website.

    I'm assuming you're doing the ovidrel trigger (opens in a new window)

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    Best of luck to you!!!

    The shot is really not that bad.  I had my husband do it for me but probably could have done it myself.  You should check with your RE if their is an exact time to trigger.  I'm not sure how an IUI works but I know with my IVF the trigger shot was extremely time sensitive.

    Hope this is your cycle!!!!!

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    I did an ovidrel trigger and while it didn't hurt, I couldn't administer it myself.  I'd have DH or your nurse friend do it for you if they can.
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    Thanks all - I am doing the Ovidrel trigger and they told me it will come with instructions and that there is a tutorial online so I will check that out.

    At first they told me to trigger on Sunday morning, but then when they remember that DH leaves Monday again, they changed their tune and said to trigger as soon as I got it in the mail.  Like I said, I have no real hope and think they are just giving me SOME sort of chance, however slim.  All they told me all along was that they were waiting for my levels to get to 150.............and now all of a sudden it's ok to trigger now, when my levels are 77. 

    Oh well, it's good practice right??

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