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well, that was awkward.

I am taking a first aid/cpr class today. I told the teacher that I may be so tired I forget how to count, so apologies in advance. She asked why, I told her I was working on getting my daughter to sleep in a crib. Then she started talking about breastfeeding and said, "You know on the internet there is a girl who BF until she was 8??? Some people are just too much. My aunt BF until her son was 2, and he could just reach up and pull it out himself. That's just too much, I think."

 I was so stunned I didn't even know what to say. I mean, I know people think that... but this teacher knows I'm still BFing, and heard me comment about how mobile Emmy is. She has NO FLIPPING CLUE how old my child is, so for all she knows I am BFing a 2 year old. I felt so uncomfortable, since I am not against nursing until Emmy is 2. I must have been in my bubble for too long, because I actually thought two was a fairly normal age for weaning... I mean, longer than most people go, but it hadn't crossed over into the "that's completely gross" category for most of society.

Re: well, that was awkward.

  • jshfjshf member
    People say all kinds of things that they don't realize.  Alot of people stop nursing before 12 months, so I'm sure 2 years seems long for a lot of people.  We're just not used to seeing kids nurse.  Even friends who nurse, will take a bottle for their kid instead of NIP.  I just whip my boob out and could care less.  But I've rarely seen moms NIP.  Maybe if more moms did, then it wouldn't seem strange nursing up to age 2.
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  • QuazelQuazel member

    I have been in a very similar conversation twice and have actually enjoyed it.  Both times my response was something like "I am sorry you feel that way.  The WHO, AAP, and my son's pedi all feel the benefits of bfing don't magically stop at a year.  I strongly believe in doing what is best for my child so we are still nursing.  Who knows when we will stop!"

    One person just sputtered and then said "Oh, I didn't know that." and the other said "Well, I could never do it."  I don't really mean to educate them but hope they will think twice before saying something next time.

    It was totally out of line for her to say something to you like that.  People can be so thoughtless.  How did you respond???

    I am totally with you, I completely forget that people many people believe you should stop nursing at a year.  I thought that before having DS and look at us now!  Even if he was eating, I would still be nursing as well.

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  • I've told friends/family members about the guidelines, I think I just froze because it was an "authority" figure... she is giving me a grade, kwim? Ugh. Very uncomfortable.
  • You should've told her Em was like 3 or something, just to shut her up. I can't believe she went on like that. Well, actually, I can.

    I think Quazel's response is great. I know I'm going to need to start practicing that one.

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  • QuazelQuazel member
    It is a graded class?  Wow, you really couldn't say anything even remotely rude.  Ugh, that sucks!!!!  Maybe you could send the teacher some extended bfing info after grades are handed in :)
  • Isn't it strange what people will say?!?! 

    My new favorite response is to laugh and say, "I love it so much, I think I'll be one of those moms.  I guess we'll have to quit when he goes off to college, though.  Unless he stays local." 

    I have gotten some laughs and some stunned looks....Heehee!

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  • DS has pretty well decided he is done BFing at 21.5 months, but I started getting questions when he was approaching a year about when I was going to wean him.  I always wanted to let him self wean, so I would tell people that, when people would ask what I was going to do if he DIDN'T self wean I would say, "Well, I don't know that may people that start high school BFing, if it gets that far we'll probably have to have a chat about it".  I am pretty dry humored and most people didn't know if I was joking or serious so they just left it alone.
  • Im sorry she was rude to you :(

    I get this all the time and I am always thinking "Wow I spend too much time on the AP board because I thought this was normal???"

    All my friends make comments about how I will be done breastfeeding soon even though I have made it clear we are going to go to around age 2 and hopefully let him self wean. Just yesterday I mentioned how I wish I could use my acne cream but I cant because it clearly says no to while bf'ing. My friend says "Good thing you done soon!" I just said "Actually Im not". and left it at that since I have told her numerous time how long I will bf ds for.

    The worrrssstt is when ppl tell you " When they are walking and can ask for it thats when its just tooo much!! " -- Um... so a 9mo that can sign for it is disgusting? UGH!
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