Thought I'd check y'all out. — The Bump
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Thought I'd check y'all out.

Hello everyone!  I'm not currently in WV (living in NC now) but grew up there and just wanted to stop by and say hello.  All of my family (DH's too) are still there, so I still really feel like a mountaineer.

Re: Thought I'd check y'all out.

  • This list is not very busy but welcome.

  • I live in WV but my family is in NC...Hickory! I love it there it't beautiful! Hello and my mother and stepfather live downthere and I am here all alone :( all of my family has passed basically including my younger brother and father.I couldnt leave because of my kids and I feel like this is home! so I know what you mean about feeling like a moutaineer!
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  • Hi, I lived in NC for about 3 years then decided to move back to WV to be closer to family. Glad I did but I did like living in NC.

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    Are you on the Dec board?  Your name looks familiar.

    Yep. That usually the only place I post much, but I do a fair bit of lurking.

  • I couldnt help but notice the WV boards are really slow with traffic :(
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  • I love NC.!! My mom lives in Hickory so I am there about every weekend. She is from WV and I know she may miss it but she says she wont come back! I don't blame her! All of my family is still here!
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  • Hi, I was raised in NC and was born in SC. I live in WV now and am 22 weeks pregnant, Sunday will be 23 weeks. I have two daughters already (3yrs and 15months).
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