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Help, por favor. (PIP)

Is this close enough to count as positive? Pretty please? Mine never get super dark, I think because my body is so deficient in hormones to begin with.


Re: Help, por favor. (PIP)

  • Am trying to make the PIP bigger, tinypic is not cooperating.
  • It is pretty close...I would totally BD with that.  It may get darker tomorrow so I would get started!
  • Weeeell it still looks like one is darker to me, but I can't make the picture larger to get a really good look at it. Sad

    ETA: Do your lines usually get darker the closer you get to O? If so, I'd say you're close.

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  • I think I'm going to take another one tomorrow, and if it's darker I'll count tomorrow's as positive, and if it's lighter, I'll count this one as positive. This is only my 3rd cycle using OPKs, and the 2nd one was a massive FAIL b/c I was traveling. So I'm still getting used to these things. Plus I had tons of EWCM today, so....

    I guess the man is getting lucky tonight! 

  • Not positive yet.  I'd still sex it up and I bet you'll get a BFP (bona fide positive) tomorrow.
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  • I haven't seen that kind before.  Which side is the control line on?
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  • Get busy... and for a second there I thought that was another test 
  • I thought it was a different test too, but I say get busy!  I can see the line!
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  • Is the right line the reference line? Is so, it is definitely positive. The line on the left is darker. Get busy!
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  • very very close! but close enough for some fun!
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  • I would definitely BD tonight, but test again tomorrow, I think(hope) it's darker!  But, really, really close.
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  • I forgot what part of your cycle you're in for a second and did a massive double take.

    I use the CBEFM, so I'm no help to you. Those opk things are way too complicated for my feeble lady brain.

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  • If the right line is the control line then that is positive, if it's the other way around then almost. I would BD tonight just in case.
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