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In Honor of NIAW...

Some of you may "know" me, some of you may not. I was a regular on the old TTTC board, and now am on SAIF. The funny thing is that I lobbied for this board before it exisit and never really posted here much.

I wanted to reach out to you all and just tell you that I have been in your shoes and my heart is with you all still dealing with secondary infertility. 

I know what its like to not feel like you fit in with the 'infertility' world because you feel guilty about already having a child. I know what its like to look at your child and being crying on the inside becuse you know they derseve a sibling and you cant give that to them. I know whats it like to feel a little guilt because you were lucky enough to experience pregnancy, child birth, and motherhood and feel like maybe you should just feel happy enough with that, but cant. I know what its like to have to scurry to find baby sitters so you can go monitoring appointments without feeling like a horrible person for havng to bring your child to a infertility dr. I know what its like to wonder why is this happening to me when I was able to concieve before. But I also know what its like to finally see those 2 lines again. You all deserve this. As far away as it may seem right now, just know you are not alone, and you have support from those who have been in your shoes.

So a big (((((((((HUG)))))))) to all of you and know that I am thinking of you all this week!!!


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Re: In Honor of NIAW...

  • thanks for posting this :)
  • How sweet are you!  Thanks so much for your kind words!
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  • This made me cry -- thank you for posting it. I only recently discovered this board, and I can't tell you how much of a relief it was to see there are other people out there who can relate to what I'm feeling and experiencing. I don't know a single person IRL who has experienced secondary IF, and it has been a little isolating. 

    Congrats to you on your success with #2! I hope it's everything we dream it to be :) 

  • You are too sweet!  Thanks for posting this.
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