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So, my husband and I are having a really hard time coming up with a name for our little baby boy.  I have 5 1/2 weeks left, the doc said he could possibly be coming early!!!  I'm starting to get a little anxious since we don't really have any ring leaders with the names....Any suggestions?  We tend to like names that are a little more uncommon.  Any help would be wonderful! :)  Thank you so much!!!!

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  • I've always liked the name Sully.. guess growing up watching Dr.Quinn helped that one.
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  • I love the name Finn but one of our friends has a little boy named Finn so we couldn't use I will pass it along! :) Good Luck!
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  • My absolute favorite is Simon, but DH is pretty meh about it so I'm pretty sure it'll never get used. But I do like it a lot!!! I like a lot of traditional names for boys though - like Ben, Charlie,  Josh... GL, name choosing is a toughie!

  • I've been lurking on the Baby Names board. Every other post is about boy names, so you'll get a lot of ideas.

    Or have you heard about this name site? (I think that is it). You type in a name, or names you like, and it will give you suggestions.

  • Picking names is tough! As you can see from my DS's name, we tend to lean towards the more traditional side, but there was a link posted last week to a lengthy list of popular/trendy names. There were some uncommon ones on there. Maybe scroll back and look for that post for some ideas. Good luck!
  • Our top boys names were Ethan, Sawyer, and Zachary


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  • Here's the link to the article about trendy names (boy and girl)

     Some other boy names I like but probably will not use.. Preston, Griffin, Gage, Garrett .. Friends have used Owen, Gavin, Tanner, Barrett, Landon


  • One of my favs is Emerson

    Our next child, if its a son, may be Emerson Joseph...maybe not, but i like it.

  • I really like Simon and Daxson (call him Dax)..... DS was named after DH's best friend, so we never had to come up with a boy name.  Good luck!  Its hard!
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  • The names I really like but that DH wouldn't want to use:

    Hudson, Carter, Conner, Collin

  • We have not picked a name either. My favorite is Landon (Ryan as a middle name), but my DH said it reminds him of Little House on the Prairie.
  • My friend's little boy's name is Kian Asher. I love this name--unique but not weird.
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  • My cousin named his sons pretty different but cute names -- Keegan and Kieffer.

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  • I love the names Jonah and Finn.. Both were vetoed by DH, so we'll never use them. :-)

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  • I have friends who named their sons Giles, Carston, and Kade.  I think those aren't overly unique, but still different.

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