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Pediatrician in Norwood

Does anyone have a personal experience (or opinion) with any pediatricians located at Dedham Medical Associates in Norwood? My husband and I want to use a doctor in this practice but are overwhelmed with narrowing down our selection. I want to use personal references but no one I know uses a pediatrician at this location.

 Any feedback?

Re: Pediatrician in Norwood

  • I don't have any personal experience (due in June!) but I live in Norwood and have heard great things about Dr. Garrety, Dr. Midura (spelling?) and Dr. Cuozzo. When I called only Dr. Midura was taking new patients. She is running a "Meet the Pediatrictions" night on May 12 that anyone can sign up for.  A co-worker of mine had her baby at 30 weeks and has been back and forth many times with a preemie....she sees Dr. Midura and highly recommended her.

    Hope that helps!

  • I'm currently looking for a ped in Dedham/Norwood area, so i'm heavily leaning toward Dedham Medical too.

    A few of my friends go to Dedham Medical - here are there reviews of the Dedham Medical Pediatricians. From what my friends say - it is really about finding the doctor that fits you personally because you will be communicating a lot with them.

    Dr. Fehser ? great, fast, efficient, she fires questions at you and talks fast, thinks fast, etc.

    Dr. Perry- more touchy-feely. She says things like ?goo-goo-gaa-gaa? and plays with the babies. So she?s always late to appts but some people like a touchy feely doctor (esp. pediatrician)

    Dr. Hadley ? pretty cold as a person but a very thorough Doctor. She is older than Perry/Fehser (they?re prob in their mid 30s ? they both have young kids too). I thought she was totally qualified and thorough but found her to be kind of a dud as a person.

    Dr. Gayle ? she?s older ? probably don?t want to use her as she?ll probably be retiring soon.

    Dr. McGarry ? I really liked her - She was kind of like Fehser and Perry combined.

    Dr. Shusterman - likes him but he can sometimes go overboard in being thorough (i.e. measured my friends infants head & recommended a cat scan but both parents had large heads & mother worked at Childrens & knew that it was unnecessary given the fact that both herself & her husband had very large heads as babies) - so if you would rather air on the side of over-cautious - he may be a good fit for you

    ** my friends said that they always run on-time with appointments, never had to wait more than 5-10minutes** 

    Hope this helps! I am going to the Meet the Pediatricians night in May to hear more about their practice & what pediatricians are available for accepting new patients.

  • Thanks for responding! That definitely helps!

  • Thank you!!!!!

  • Thank you!  Do you call the office to sign up for meet the pediatricians?
  • We use pediatric associates of norwood and franklin.  When I was looking for one last year the Dedham medical associates website was all out of date which annoyed me so I didn't even look at them. 
  • Yup I'll be there!

  • I've posted this a few times but I loved him so I'll keep posting! My daughter saw Dr. Fox at NWH and he's out of Dedham Medical.  I loved him he was easy to talk to and very informative.  If we lived closer he would def. be our pedi.
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