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We'd like to look into getting a nanny for when I need to return to work after having our girls, but I have no idea how to start! 

The main reason we are looking for a nanny, rather than a daycare is that 1) We will have twins - so finding somewhere to accept 2 infants at the same time will be difficult and 2) We will only need someone for a max of 8 hours per week - 2 hrs a, 4 times a week.

Any ideas where to start?

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Re: Nanny Service

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    At that time schedule, I think it will be hard to find a professional nanny (it sounds like that is what you are looking for?).  People who nanny for a living need a full-time paycheck, kwim?

    I would recommend you talk to friends/neighbors/relatives to see if anyone already has a nanny or is hiring one that would be open to nanny-share.

    I would also probably look at local colleges.  Check-in with education departments and see if they have any sort of bulletin board or job posting resources.  I am sure you could find an early-childhood major who would love those hours to fit in between classes.

     Good luck!

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    There are a few nannies at my daughter's dance class and they recommend this company for nanny placement:


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    I agree you're not likely to have a professional nanny work 2 hours a day!

    And yes, try colleges.  What hours of the day is it?  You could always hire two junior high or high schoolers for the same price as ONE nanny, and then you get 4 arms instead of 2!

    I was 14 and did a 2 hour stint once a week for a 1 month old, 2 year old, and 4 year old.  It was so exhausting but it was a totally mommy sanity break for the lady who sometimes didn't even leave the house :D

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    I agree with the professional nanny idea...They won't be willing to come for 8 hours a week.

    To be completely honest with you...I would be very interested in being your part-time nanny. I work part-time for 9 months of the year and am off for the summer. I have a 15 month old right now, but would need to bring him with if that works for your family.


    Let me know!

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