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QUICK med-free birth story - our sweet DD#2

Reese Alexandra was born in a major hurry on 4/14 at 3:27am.  She was 8lb, 9oz, 20.25in and labor lasted 1.5hrs and I only pushed once! 

The "story" is pretty short...

Labor started with my water breaking at 2am (I was sound asleep) with a contraction that I wasn't quite sure was real - so I really just thought I peed the bed.  Ha!  The next (and very real) contraction was 10min later, then 7min, then a couple 5min apart, then 1.5-2min apart.  We got DD and us ready and headed to the hospital.  Arrived at 3 (after nearly getting pulled over on the way), went straight to L&D (they were outside waiting for us) and was 10cm already.  I refused the IV and laughed at them when they asked how I intended to handle the pain.  "I'm  handling it just fine, aren't I?"  They laughed and agreed, and I told them baby was coming in 5min anyway.  I was dead on!  My OB didn't make it but the doc there was getting her gear on as I started needing to push.  They told me to keep doing what I was doing - just pushing a little when I felt the need - and the second she got in position, two nurses held my legs up, and with one real push she was born.   

It was a fabulously wonderful and crazy experience - something we still can't stop laughing about - and she is absolute perfection!  I tore (in three directions) but was up and around as soon as they'd let me. Reese nursed like a champ right away and has been perfect since as well.   We went home first thing Friday morning. 

I'm so happy that DD#1 got to witness it all and she did AWESOME - during the chaos and every day since.  She is completely in love with her little sister and we're doing all we can to ensure her life is still full of fun and fabulous Alaina time, too.

Life is good!


Re: QUICK med-free birth story - our sweet DD#2

  • Wow that is the quickest birth story I've ever heard!  What a great experience and a fun story to tell too.  Especially the part about the hospital asking you about pain medication- how ridiculous at that point! 

    Congratulations on your beautiful, healthy daughter.  

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  • Wow. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter.



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  • Congratulations, mama!! I love your Alaina's name, btw :)

    Did you also have a fast labor with your first? I ask because mine was 6hrs from start to finish and certainly while that is nothing compared to yours (!!) I am told things could go even faster this time. Just curious.....

  • Wow! Great story, something I think we would all wish for! Congrats!

    P.S. The picture of your DDs is beautiful!

  • My first labor was also quick - but nothing like this.  I was sent to the hospital at 5cm and barely noticeable contractions.  I think we checked in around 1pm and then they broke my water at 3:45pm and she was born at 6:04. But with her I had to hold her in for 30min while the only doc there delivered another baby (torture) and then I pushed for 30min.  Also no meds or anything. 

    My mother had 6 kids and spent a TOTAL of just 9 hours in labor - so I thank her ;)

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