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House on the market with a toddler & newborn

So we have awful timing of making the big move to put our home on the market as I have a 2 year old with a million toys and am due in 4 weeks with a new baby but we wanted to wait until the spring momentum for the market was here to put our place up for sale.  I'm just in a panic that I have to keep the place absolutley spotless every single time I leave the house. 

My question is do you think people will be ever-so-forgiving if they see we obviously have a newborn in the house with the condition of the place? Also would you be more attracted to a place that had no sign of kids toys? 


Any tips or suggestions to make the place more attractive to a buyer would be appreciated!

Re: House on the market with a toddler & newborn

  • My house is for sale too.  Although I don't have a newborn, I am a SAHM which means constant mess.  We are lucky enough to have a play room for our daughter so, when we have a showing, ALL toys go into her playroom.  Even if you don't have a playroom, try to limit toys to their bedroom and only one other room of the house. 

    If you need to, consider renting a storage unit.  We don't have a basement so we rented a unit to declutter.  It looks so much nicer now!

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  • sorry to say, but I would clear everything out that isn't essential to basic living. Then I would stay out as often as possible so you don't have to worry about stressing about it.
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  • Honestly, I think it would be best to have it completely spotless. In a buyers market, you want it to be the most attractive. We have ours on the market right now & when I have a showing, the only sign of having a child, is her room. Absolutely everything is put away, even in her room the bookshelf is neat, all the toys are in the toybox & closed, everything to her kitchen is inside it, etc. When DS gets here & we have the newborn things (swing, bouncer, etc) all that will be put neatly into his room.

    We have gotten EXCELLENT feedback from other agents on how clean our house is, it's hard work, but it's worth it. Also, it's definitely not spotless everyday or when I leave the house. I require a day notice for showings, there just isn't any other way with a toddler. I did have one call on a Sat at 10:30 & wanted to come at 2:30, I told them 4 at the earliest, but I had DH home to help get the house ready. Every other showing has been 1-2 day notice.

    Some other tips...make it looked as not lived in as possible. Walls bare, knick knacks packed away, all extras GONE. Everything off refrigerator, all countertop appliances put away for the showing. I have a few pics of what our house looks like for a showing, if you'd like to see them. It looks very unlived in, which is what you want. You want the buyers to see themselves in your house, not you.

  • Our house is currently under contract.  Honestly, we moved out before we put it on the market because I could not deal with keeping it spotless.

    I totally agree with Amy.  You need to make it look as unlived in as possible without it looking like it's unlived in...if that makes any sense!  Hailey's room was her room and there were no toys.  The toys were isolated to a place in the basement and we only left out a handful of things so that it wasn't cluttered.  The walls had some pictures on them, but nothing personal.  Everything was/is very generic.

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  • My friend has her place on the market, and they rented a storage unit to put all the extra, unnecessary things.  She put about 2/3 of her DC's toys in storage and their place looks so much cleaner and more spacious now.
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  • We're in the same position and it sucks.  I don't think people are forgiving of the mess and we do our best to keep it spotless for showings. Our realtor advised us to keep all toys in one room only.  We put most big stuff (swing, bouncy seat, jumparoo, etc) in the garage and small stuff goes in pretty baskets with lids or tucked in bins in the closet. Good luck to you and good luck to us!  We've got two showings tomorrow.  I'm hoping that people will be desperate to get a place closed on before the housing credit expires and tomorrow will be the day.
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  • I'm going to have to agree w/ the storage space. No matter where you live, it's really still a buyer's market and it's not going to look good if you have stuff all over the place. It may be tough but hopefully if the place is spotless it'll go off the market super quick and then you can go back to normal life.
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