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Disappointed in nursery...or just preggo blues? (kinda long)

We are having a girl, and as many of you know, that opens up millions of possibilities for the nursery. The theme has turned out to be shabby chic, I suppose. The room is about 80% done; we have the crib & dresser/hutch (Bonavita Peyton), and I had a Shabby Chic dresser before, so I had my cousin handpaint it to match the bedding (PBK "Romantic" -discontinued). We also have the glider & ottoman, and a 3x5 rug to match the bedding. The walls are a mint green pulled from the bedding- turned out very nice! I think the room is very pretty, and I would definitley say it was done in very good taste (not being conceited!), however, I have somewhat of a feeling of disappointment in the room. I know, I know, in the grand scheme of things it's not that important, but it certainly does matter to me to a certain degree. It's just not how I envisioned it turning out, I suppose is the problem. My mom & MIL were heavily involved so I think because they were purchasing some of the stuff for me, I felt like I just needed to accept what they were doing and offering, even though it wasn't my first choice. I will just be so glad when the room is completely done and all of the rest of the decor is in there, so maybe that will make me feel better. I have also been having this "blues" feeling about the shower. Three of my relatives/family friends are being kind enough to host it for me, and I couldn't be more appreciative. The decor & theme are also not what I really had in mind when I envisioned my shower, but it will be pretty no matter what. Have any of you experienced the preggo blues? Is that such a thing?

Re: Disappointed in nursery...or just preggo blues? (kinda long)

  • during pregnancy you have a roller coaster of hormonal changes which causes all the emotions you are feeling...so it is normal.  Your nursery sounds beautiful.  I am sure it is the perfect shabby chic haven for your princess! Any pics to share :)
  • I sometimes get down for days at a time too.  I ordered a sheet I was obsessed about that has little blue elephants on it, and now that it's here I felt down about it too.  Weird, I know.  I think it's just all the emotions going up and down all the time. 
  • You have to remember that your shower is not your wedding and since you are the guest of honor you really have no say or control in how it's done since it's done for you.  My mom is pretty old school etiquette wise and tried to involve herself as little as possible for both my bridal and baby showers and as a result very little of the shower was "me" or stuff I liked- whatever, I got a ton of gifts, ate some nice food and got the time to spend with friends and family.  I am a bit of a cake snob (I hate gross icing) and every shower that's ever been thrown for me has had a grossly icing cake- but my mom who knows this refuses to get too involved.  Whatevs- I order or make the cake I want for my LO's baptism and b-days.

    Regarding the nursery, as nice as it would be to have everything exactly the way you want it, 1) the space will eventually be used and your DD might even mess stuff up in it (take it from someone's who's 2 yr old dumped burt's bees lotion all over the really nice big pottery barn kids rug which now has to be professionally cleaned!!) 2) it's impossible to control the generosity of others- while I never had a big plan or scheme for our nursery (we settled on our house when DD was 2 wks old and moved in when she was 5 wks, so I really wasn't able to plan the room since we made the offer on the house AFTER my due date w/ her)- I was still given TONS of crap for her room that definitely doesn't "fit" w/ the look I was going for.  You just have to accept the stuff and smile, write a thank you note and find a spot for it.  Eventually it will get boxed up and put away because they are only little for a short time.   Also you could look into donating/consigning stuff.

    I would try to not let this bother you- when you become a parent you have to try and let go of a lot of these little things.  My DD has been given literally bags of clothes that will never fit her- tags are still on them, I have told my MIL time and time again what brands run small but she still buys us stuff in the wrong size and doesn't give me gift receipts.  It's annoying, but you can't let it get you down.  There are much more important things to worry about.

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  • I understand too - just yesterday I was in an almost grumpy "I don't even want a shower mood." I'm not completely sure why since I have two great best friends along with my sister putting it together, but I was just in that mood yesterday. I think its just emotions and for me I'm not getting a good nights sleep at all. I'm sure once the nursery is completely done you will love it and it will be what you hoped for originally, but for now you can take a look at it and change things up if they aren't making you happy.
  • I can definitely relate, I will be moving into a new place 3 weeks before my due date so there will be no time or option really to even get have a nursery, so I'm a little sad about that. But I think what would help your blues is to start some DIY projects for the room that YOU really like, and once you finish and put them In the nursery, I bet you will have a change of heart and feel a lot better :)
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