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Breastmilk storage

How long do you leave it in the fridge for? LLL says 8 days is ok...but everywhere else says 5 max. An LC once told me 3 days.

I'd like to have a pumped bottle for the car ride. I only pump an ounce or once and a half...unless I get up in the middle of the night...which I'm not gonna do by choice. So I need a few sessions to make a full bottle. Can I just add it all together to use on Friday? Put it in one of those keep cold bags and warm it up in the car? How long is refridgerated milk good for once it's out of the fridge?

Should I just make her a formula bottle in the car instead of screwing around with this? I was thinking about just bringing a thermos of hot water...but will it last 3 hrs? I'm not stopping and using nasty tap water from a rest stop!

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Re: Breastmilk storage

  • Kellymom says 8 days.  Just keep everything refrigerated, and then combine it all when it's cold into one bottle.  Don't mix freshly pumped warm milk with cold milk.  I have a special bag to keep milk cold by Playtex, but if it's just 3 hours, I think a bag with some ice packs is fine.

    I think a good thermos would keep the water hot for 3 hours, so you could just heat up the milk that way.

  • Agreed with above.  My Lansinoh storage bags also say 8 days in the fridge and 10 hours at Room Temperature.  But if you didn't feel comfortable with that, ice in the bag with the milk would be just fine.
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  • I think water would stay plenty hot in a thermos for 3+ hours. When I need to make Evan a bottle and I know we'll be out I just boil water and put super hot water in a bottle, and then keep it in the bottle in the insulated part of the diaper bag. Last weekend it was in there for almost 3 hours while we were out, and it was still really warm... I had to add some cold bottled water to it to get it to the right temp. So a thermos should keep it hot.
  • I used 5 days as a general rule, but I know sometimes I went over.. I would just keep it in one of those cooler bags..
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