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Nervous about leaving swing home

...when we go out of town this weekend. We have such a good routine here...when Leah is getting ready for a nap, I swaddle her up, give her some cuddles and put her in the swing with her binky. She'll hang out, look at herself in the mirror, smile at the little animals, and doze off when she's ready too. It's awesome! Especially because I just don't have the time to walk or rock her to sleep sometimes...and she was taking short naps when I put her down during the day - so the swing helps her take at least a one hour nap..usually 2.

Well we can't bring it with us...and I know there will be plenty of people willing to hold her if needed - but I'm afraid we're going to screw up such a good thing! I depend on her napping well and not needing me to walk/rock her for that long during the day.

We do have a rocking frame thing to attach her carseat to - but I don't know how well that will go over. Has anyone used one of those before?

I think I'm just having trip's only three days but we have had some nightmare trips before - taking us weeks to get back to normal...and that was just with one baby! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Re: Nervous about leaving swing home

  • Evan was the same way... napping in his swing. Hopefully she will get back to a routine once you guys get back.

  • For my shower, my MIL's friend bought me the Boppy travel swing. She said that I would love it before my LO was born and she was so folds up small enough that it fit in the car easily and was a lifesaver so many places we went. I am all about routine!
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  • Too bad you dont' live closer!  I have a really compact boppy swing.  I would totally let you take it!
  • we used the car seat frame one when Sarah was a baby and we traveled.  it worked great and she slept fine in it.  (she used to nap in her swing too)
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