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Update to "my little girl's blue & pink nursery"

Thanks for the kind words, gals.  I had a lot of fun putting the room together.  Now, to answer a few questions...

Glider:  Overall I am very pleased.  It's quiet, rocks well, and very soft.  If I had a complaint, it would be that it's just a little smaller than I expected.  So, if your DH plans on using it and he's a big guy, he won't be able to rest his head on the chair (but it's perfect for me, and would be ideal in a smaller room).  If you're trying to decide on which color to get, you can order fabric swatches off of JcPenney's for free--it took my swatch about six weeks to arrive.

Rug:  I bought it at Target.  I got it on sale for a steal.  If I remember they had white, bright pink, light pink, orange, and blue rugs in the same style, and they were still in stock last time I checked. 

Crib skirt:  This is a project I am still working on.  I originally ordered white simply shabby ruffle curtains from Target with the intent of using them as the window coverings, but the pink panels looked better.  So I decided to re-purpose the drapes as an extended crib skirt.  I still have to finish sewing the skirt--so it's not totally finished.

Poms:  Ordered from Etsy seller "Prost to the Host".  Excellent customer service and the order arrived promptly.

Thanks again for the kind comments! 


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Re: Update to "my little girl's blue & pink nursery"

  • Thanks for the specifics!  I love your nursery!

    Do you have a link or a name for the rug from Target?  

  • I absolutly love your nursery! I have been looking for a crib just like that. Where did you find it that it's also a ocnvertable crib? Also, what is the gliders name from JC Penny? Thanks!
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  • I meant to ask about the furniture itself. i saw your last post about the crib at Penny's but the furniture (drawes, etc) was that penny's to? Thanks again!
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