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Do I really need a Diaper Genie?

Some of my mommy friends tell me it's a must while some tell me it's disgusting and I'm better off using a small trash can, wrapping dirty diapers in baggies and emptying it daily. Our nursery is small so I'm all for saving space and only buying things I really need. Thoughts?

Re: Do I really need a Diaper Genie?

  • Nope, never had one.  We just put it in the regular trash can.  Never had any "smelly" incidents from it.
  • Nope. I have heard that once they are on solids not matter what system you have the stink is not contained very well. I just went with a safety first diaper pail that was about 10 bucks at BRU and I am perfectly happy with it (formula fed baby - so his poop stinks more then BF) So far it does a decent job of keeping smells out of the nursery.

    This is the pail I have, the lid is white not blue:

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  • I have one and used it for about a month. We have a pretty small condo so the trash can works just fine. We take out the trash daily.
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  • I really don't think you need one. People told me this, but I didn't listen. I went on and registered for the Diaper Dekkor. We stopped using it fairly soon. I felt the nursery always had a smell. It also just took up space.
  • I am not having one....I am going to use my normal trash can,.....but put it in a plastic bag from walmart or target first....and then tie it up...I don't see a need for buying something extra.
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  • I didn't want one, but someone ended up getting me one.  I like it way more than I thought I would and use it all of the time, but it's definitely not a necessity. 
  • We're going to skip it, just added clutter and from what I've been told they're not necessary as long as you throw each dirty diaper in your outside trash.
  • Even though we use cloth now, when DD was a newborn we just put the dirties in empty plastic grocery, target, newspaper bags and emptied the trash daily.

    I hate the poop sausages that the genie makes.  Also I loathe anything that requires specific refills. 

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  • Diaper pails stink - there is no way around it.

    We live in a 1story house so diapers will go out to the trash can in the garage.  It's not too far of a walk.  

  • I have lived without one for 8 months now.  Someone even gave me theirs, but I havn't used it yet.  We put the diapers in the trash in the garage and our house doesn't stink.  I don't think you need one.
  • i love my diaper genie elite! and i never had a problem with it smelling up the room
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