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So most of you know I am a fulltime student and that I am getting ready to transfer to one of the University of Californias.  Well I applied to six of them.  The one closest to me and driving distance is supposed to be the "easy" UC. I also applied to the top 3 UCs for my major and then two others as well.  I knew at the beginning of the month that I was accepted to the one closest to me. No big deal.  So I went and applied at the Child care facility and was accepted.  Well i found out a couple days ago that I was accepted to the #3 school (the others are still pending).  Know i don't know what to do.  It would be financially easier to stay with my mom and go to the closer one however, with the economy the way it is, I feel perhaps having a better school on my resume would look better overall.  Also, I am starting to feel like I am relying on my mom too much.  I know I am capable of living by myself and taking care of my girls and I am starting to think that it would be in my best interest to do so because it will keep me on track and in check if you know what I mean?  The #3 school is about 2 hours from my mom.  So what would you do in my situation?  Even if I get into the other top 2 schools what do I do?
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    I have never heard of someone not being hired because of the school they went to. I think the degree matters more than where you got it from. I think, if it is important to you to attend the "better" schools, then you should do that. But if it is just a matter of a job overlooking you because you didn't go to a specific school, I would say not to worry and do what is more convenient. If I were in your situation, I would definitely go to the closer school. It would make the most sense for me.
  • I say a degree is a degree. It would make things easier for you if you had your mom's support. I don't think it matters where your degree comes from as much as the type of degree you are getting does. The qualifications for the degree are the same, the only difference is one has a "better program" than the other. I'd go with whatever would make things easiest on you. It's hard being a full-time student and a full-time mom. Lighten your load a little girl! Use the support you can right now. If your mom is willing to help you out, let her. You know you would do the same for your daughters if they were in your situation.

  • I would definantly go to the school closest to home just because if one of your children got sick the child care center would not watch them and I had to miss class one time and lost a lot of hours that had to be made up on a day I didn't normally have school on which meant taking another day off work. If your mom can help you, let her. Atleast until you get your degree.
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    One of the counselors gave me this advice: the most important thing is that you get your degree and of course what degree you get. Granted going to the better school would be more beneficial but as a single mom I think you would have more chances of finishing the degree if you are close to home and have as much help as you can get.

    You know once you start going to school its not only going to be attending to classes but all the study load you are going to have so having your mom with you will be important.



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