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Moby wraps??

Has anyone used a Moby wrap before?  I'm really interested in getting a light colored one to use, but some reviews I've read say that they keep the baby warm.  We all know that that might not be the best thing in the AZ summer heat.  I probably wouldn't use it too much outside during the summer, but I'd use it inside in the AC.  Has anyone used these before?

Re: Moby wraps??

  • I didn't have a moby, i had the sleepy wrap. same thing except the sleepy had some spandex in it didn't stretch out like the moby does (i have used both). it was really really warm in the summer to use it, but i still did when i went to the mall, grocery shopping, etc. i never use it now and stopped about 6 months, but i couldn't have lived without it for those 6 months! :)
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  • i made my own and it kinda sucks! lol. it still does the job and i LOVE using it. makes life easier when i have my baby in the wrap and my toddler in the stroller or shopping cart when we're out shopping.
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  • I used one for the first 4 mos or so around the house only - - not ouside or during a lot of physical activity (it never felt secure enough).  I have twins, so it was awesome to have two free hands to hold the 2nd baby or get something else done when needed. 
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